A few recent websites we have created for clients:


Illuminate home page

  • Built for Illuminate, an eLearning company
  • Custom built shopping cart for customers to checkout their purchases, including built-in package deal algorithm and upsell app
  • Custom checkout process linked to payment processor that accepts major credit cards and PayPal
  • Videos served with Amazon's CloudFront streaming servers.
  • Class scroller, home page slideshow, social networking share buttons, and promo codes
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Uses a Microsoft SQL Server database


Baccaraat home page

  • Built for Baccaraat, a social video uploading and viewing site
  • Streaming video with Flowplayer, FFmpeg, and Amazon CloudFront
  • User comments and replies
  • File storage with Amazon S3
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Service EC2
  • Uses a PostgreSQL database