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Database Administration

We provide database design and administration services. We can create a new database for you or take over administration of an existing database.

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Why is a Database important?

Having a static website is ok if you have a blog or some other simple website that doesn't require keeping track of customer or product data. However, a website for a business requires a database that can store important data, which can be related to products, orders, customers, etc., to be retrieved later.

Data can be pulled from a database and placed on a web page. For example, a list of products and their related details can be retrieved from a database and displayed on a products page. Or, data can be sent from a website to a database for storage. For example, customer or order data can be sent from a form on a web page to a database. Databases are also important for reporting. Reports can be created from data which can reveal important information about customers, sales, etc. This information is vital to understanding your customer's needs and preferences and make your business more successful.

We have expertise with the following relational database management systems:
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Database Administration

Some of the database administration services we offer:

  • Add, delete, or modify tables, reports, views, and other database objects
  • Run complex queries on your database in order to create new views or reports which will help you answer the questions that drive the success of your business
  • Ensure backups of your database so that your data is safely preserved
  • Apply the latest patches to your database to upgrade functionality and increase security
  • Manage database users

We can provide these administration services for a database we have created for you or for a database created by a third party.

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Creating a New Database

Databases are designed with simplicity and record uniqueness in mind in order to keep your data organized, easy to manage, and to minimize page loading times. All databases we design are:

  • Custom designed to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Normalized in order to keep the database as simple and efficient as possible
  • Scalable in order to meet increases in demand with as little additional modification as possible (future-proofing)

We can create a whole new database for you or modify your existing database.